2021 Countdown to None 5k

 Virtual Run 12/ 26 thru 12/31


In-person Runner celebration 12/31 4:30-6:30

Join us in our journey to make type 1 diabetes TYPE NONE! Hosting healthy lifestyle events like the Countdown to None 5k in Vienna, VA to support research.

Make It Count

What We Do

The Countdown to None 5k is more than just a 5k. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work beyond just race day to promote positive change in the T1D world.

Putting a positive face on T1D

Unfortunately, most of the world usually connects type 1 of diabetes with it's distant companion, type 2 diabetes, even though they have very little in common. Countdown To None is dismissing the misconception that all types of diabetes include obesity and unhealthy habits, starting right in our community. By creating a running race we link T1D to something athletic and active, showing people that type 1 diabetics are just as healthy and able as everyone else without the disease.

Raising Awareness

Through events and fundraisers, Countdown To None 5k is spreading awareness  of T1D. Unfortunately, most people unaffected by the disease know very little about T1D. A large part in finding a cure is  informing communities and others who could help, so that is what we strive to do.

Funding Life-changing Research

Every dollar of profit from our events go straight to JDRF, a global organization whose mission is to create "a world without type 1 diabetes." In doing that they fund research focused on preventing, treating, and curing type 1 diabetes. To learn more about JDRF research, click here


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